UVA nurse Kiki Hudgens in front of UVA Medical Center

Resilience in the Time of COVID

As much as coronavirus has changed us, it's also reminded us of our individual and collective resilience, too.

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UVA Nursing Dean Pam Cipriano's note from the Dean, spring 2020

A video message from Dean Pam Cipriano

"This is what nurses do. This is what we were made for. And this is really a time to shine."

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UVA Nursing grad Cate Rhangos (BSN `19) with giant happpy face balloon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York

The First COVID Patient

Cate Rhangos (BSN `19) discovered something when she cared for Sloan Kettering Hospital's first COVID patient: he was worried about everyone else, including her.

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UVA Nursing grad Brent Lankford (BSN `10) standing outside Calvert Health Medical Center in southern Maryland where he works as an Emergency Department charge nurse

Ready on the Western Shore

Brent Lankford (BSN `10) is an emergency department charge nurse. Volunteer fire chief. Part-time educator. Father. Son. Brother.

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Taxis drive past entrance to NYU Langone Medical Center

Her Walk In

The walk into Jessica Herren’s (BSN `18) job at NYU Langone Hospital is part march, part meditation.

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UVA Nursing graduate Lauren Dickinson (BSN `19) holding heart-shaped sign during 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Proud to be a nurse.

Managing, Shift by Shift

“UVA trained us to approach the situation at hand with confidence that we are capable of handling the current crisis,” says Dickinson (BSN `19).

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UVA Nursing grad Amelia Conner, BSN 2018, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) with Northwell Hospital colleagues during 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

From the New York Frontlines

"Yes, this is not something any of us were expecting, but we can do it," said Conner, a nurse caring for COVID patients at Northwell Hospital on Long Island.

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Scott Darrah before and after side-by-side pictures - clean shaven and with beard

Clean-Shaven in Solidarity

"When it comes to nitty-gritty stuff in the trenches," says advanced practice nurse Scott Darrah (MSN `15), who's caring for COVID patients, "we're serious."

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UVA Nursing student Pam Sierschula in cap and gown during online graduation ceremony

News In Brief

The latest on our students, faculty, alumni, and friends.

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Sherlock Holmes book

What We're Reading Now

From Sherlock Holmes to histories of polio, nursing faculty share how they're distracting and informing themselves during the COVID quarantine.

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Untethered: Getting Kids with Cancer IV Pole-Free

"It helps them just be kids again," said assistant prof. Beth Quatrara, who, with nurse Susan Steck, led the pilot study that's changed UVA Health protocol.

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In Their Own Words

What's the best way to tame your coronavirus fears? Confront them however you might. Even through haiku, as these students, faculty, and clinicians did.

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When Staying Home is Dangerous

It's a terrifying side effect of quarantine: domestic violence is rising, says nurse scholar and intimate partner violence expert Kathryn Laughon.

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RNs' Rx: Quarantine, Fresh Air, and Sunlight

History proves it: they really work!

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