Senior Assistant Dean of Students Theresa Carroll, posing with UVA Nursing students on a park bench, makes students feel as though they matter.

The Difference Mattering Makes

The concept of mattering is increasingly being used as a way to fortify forward-thinking organizations that want to strengthen their workforce. But what is mattering, and how might it strengthen healthcare organizations, nursing, and medical schools, too?

by Christine Phelan Kueter

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An archival photo of Barbara Brodie teaching.

A Nursing Legend

Dr. Barbara Brodie, who died Feb. 9, 2023, was many things: a pediatric NP. A mentor to students. A fierce advocate of nursing history. A loyal friend.

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Sherrie Guyer's nursing notebooks

[ESSAY] '53 & Me'

Though she misses library stacks, Xerox copiers, and cheap coffee, DNP student Sherrie Guyer is adjusting to grad school in 2023—even statistics.

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Nurse activist Grace Tinsley

Celebrating Black Nurse Leaders in the Fight for Civil Rights and Health Justice

A look back at some of Virginia's most celebrated Black nurses, from health district director Bunn to LPN alumni Tinsley and Gardner to BSN/MSN alumna Claytor.

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A diverse set of hands to convey diversity in artificial intelligence, the NIH-funded work of Ishan Williams and Randall Moorman.

Creating Artificial Intelligence in 'Full Color'

“AI informed by data from homogenous populations poorly generalize," said researcher Ishan Williams, who earned a $5.9M NIH grant to build AI diversity.

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Four UVA Nursing students from the Black Student Nurses Alliance student group

Black, Latinx Leaders to Nursing Students: 'You Belong Here'

Two new student groups offer learning, activities, advocacy, and safe, supportive spaces of belonging to students of color.

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CommSense is Virginia LeBaron's pilot smart watch prototype, shown here worn on a man's wrist.

Watch Your Words

Led by nurse scientist and professor Virginia LeBaron, researchers have developed a smartwatch prototype they hope will improve bedside care and communication.

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