Major Q Wright in scrubs and fatigues.

A Screening to Dismantle 'Involuntary Noncompliance'

As an ICU nurse, Maj. Q Wright knew patients' unmet social needs influenced everything from medication adherence to their mental health. She didn't anticipate, however, that deploying a new screening tool at a dialysis clinic would yield such dramatic results, ultimately changing screening protocols across a dozen clinics and earning her a scholarly publication. Why social needs screenings matter.

by Christine Kueter

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Birthing simulation - the patient experiences contractions while a student tends her

Hey, Baby

Move over, Noelle. Get a look at some new, wearable, birthing sim tech that's bringing nursing students' preparation for labor and delivery to a new level.

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A mortar board icon with a red cross on a light blue background

Meet the Post-Docs

For the next year, three new fellows will investigate the link between oxytocin and depression, endometrial cancer and rurality, and CPM decision-making.

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An image of an open wound, part of a training done by alumnus Rhys Williams, FNP

Ready, Set, Disaster

Alumnus Rhys Williams, a family nurse practitioner, Army veteran, and a Navy Seal medic knows calamity. It's his job.

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A UVA Health nurse taking part in the May 2023 clinical instructor workshop.

Enter Educators

It’s not easy finding nursing faculty. But two new programs offer on-ramps for UVA Health nurses interested in adding a new skill to their toolbox: teaching.

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Claude Moore Nursing Education Building

UVA School of Nursing Guarantees Alumni Admission to its MSN, DNP Programs

For the first time in its 120-year history, the School will guarantee alumni of its programs admission into its wealth of MSN, post-master's, and DNP programs.

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A nurse cares for a patient after open-heart surgery with cameras recording her care mounted on the ceiling

From the Archives

In 1965, Chinese American nurse Rita Chow began pioneering the use of video recordings in the ICU to document, assess, and improve cardiac care.

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