Habibah Williams (DNP '22)

Nurse practitioner Habibah Williams, a DNP student who earned a national AACN award for collaboration on a weight-bias reduction intervention program.

Nurse practitioner Habibah Williams (DNP ’22), of Chesterfield, VA, earned a national collaboration award from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing for her novel weight bias reduction program for healthcare staff called “We Matter.”

Habibah is the lead clinician at Virginia State University’s Student Health Center. 


Joseph Byron Clanor (CNL '21)

Joseph Byron Clanor CNL 21Joseph Byron Clanor (CNL ’21), of Walnut Creek, CA, passed the NCLEX last fall and started a new job in the Cardiovascular ICU at the John Muir Health Concord Medical Center as a critical care nurse in Concord, CA. 


LTC Suzanne Cobleigh (MSN '19, DNP '20)

LTC Suzanne Cobleigh (MSN ’19, DNP ’20)—officer in charge of U.S. Army medical teams deployed by FEMA and the Department of Defense to assist COVID-overwhelmed hospitals since summer 2021—spoke to President Biden and DOD Secretary Lloyd Austin about her work, the changing nature of COVID, on-the-ground challenges, and the cohesion of her military and civilian teams in Arkansas and Michigan. 

Ren Capucao (CNL '19)

PhD candidate Ren Capucao (CNL ’19) earned a Fulbright Scholarship for his dissertation project “Pressed into starched whites: Nursing identity in Filipino American history.”

Capucao has received funding from the Virginia Humanities, the Philippine Nurses Association of Virginia, UVA’s Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry, and the Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania. Ren’s will continue his study in the Philippines for the 2022-23 academic year. 


Cameron E. Farmer (BSN '17)

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Scholarship Program selected Cameron E. Farmer (BSN ’17), of Washington, D.C., for its 2021 award, monies that will help fund Cameron’s doctoral studies at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.


Seok Hyun (Joshua) Gwon (PhD '16)

Seok Hyun (Joshua) Gwon phd 2016Seok Hyun (Joshua) Gwon (PHD ’16), of Shorewood, WI, received the 2022 Population Health RIIG New/Early Career Investigator Award at the 2022 Midwest Nursing Research Society for his research on an e-cigarette cessation program for young adults. Joshua is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing. 


Timothy-Keith Schau Earley (BSN '15, MSN '20)

Timothy-Keith Schau Earley (BSN ’15, MSN ’20), of Richmond, VA, married Aaron Ledesma at a ceremony in Richmond on Oct. 23, 2021. The union was featured in the Dec. 17 edition of the New York Times' "Vows." Timothy-Keith is a nurse practitioner at the Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America at Chippenham Hospital in Richmond. 


Karen S. Moss (CNL '12, PhD '16)

Karen S. Moss, CNL and PhD alumna

Karen S. Moss (CNL ’12, PHD ’16) was elected to the 2022 Midwest Nursing Research Society Board of Directors’ nominating committee and received the 2021 Rising Star Award from the American Society for Pain Management Nursing. In 2018, Karen joined the Ohio State University College of Nursing as an assistant professor and, in 2019, earned a joint appointment at the university’s Center for Health Outcomes, Research, Scholarship, and Service in its College of Medicine. A UVA School of Nursing Alumni Award winner and Jonas Nurse Scholar alumna, Moss’s research focuses on improving pain and advance care planning knowledge for older adults with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and their family caregivers, with a particular focus on African Americans. She has earned funding from the NIH’s National Institute on Aging, the MAYDAY Fund, and the College of Nursing at Ohio State University. 

K. Jane Muir (BSN '12, MSN '22, PhD '22)

The findings of Jane Muir’s (BSN ’12, MSN ’22, PHD ’22) dissertation—“Exploring the direct and indirect costs of nurse burnout for a health care organization”—compelled her to publish a widely-circulated op-ed in STAT News Jan. 13 titled, “The solution to the wave of nurse resignations? Cold, hard cash.”

Jane’s work concludes that hospitals that invest in robust burnout reduction programs (including hazard pay, bonuses, salary increases, well-being initiatives, and robust opportunities for advancement and leadership) save money and retain nurses. A family nurse practitioner, Jane begins a post-doc at the University of Pennsylvania’s National Clinician Scholars Program this June. 


Lucas Beirne (BSN '08)

Lucas E. Beirne (BSN ’08), of Alexandria, VA, received the 2021 Special Achievement Award from the Federal Reserve Board, where he is a senior counsel in the legal division's banking enforcement group. Lucas also completed a 10-month rotation in the Federal Reserve's Congressional Liaison Office. 


Jessica Keim-Malpass (MSN '05, CNL '08, PhD '11)

Jessica Keim Malpass and familyJessica Keim-Malpass (MSN ’05, CNL ’08, PhD ’11, CERTI-PNP ’22), of Charlottesville, VA—an associate professor of nursing at UVA and a nurse scientist who studies predictive analytics, precision health, economics, and health regulatory policy—became an acute care pediatric nurse practitioner.

Says Jessica: “I always wanted to come back to clinical practice in some capacity after my program of research was established, and it only strengthened after [husband] Charlie (Malpass, a physician, director of bronchoscopy, and an associate professor of medicine) had leukemia.”

As an acute care PNP, Jessica will begin a part-time practice in pediatric hematology-oncology, which., she says, “makes me a better researcher while my researcher hat and personal experience makes me a better NP.”


Richard Westphal (PhD '04)

Prof. Richard Westphal teaches CNLs his Wisdom, Wellbeing, and Peer Support model

Woodard Clinical Professor of Nursing Richard Westphal (PhD 04) will present his Stress First Aid and peer support model at Sigma’s International Nursing Research Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland, when he delivers his lecture—“Burnout is not the problem; it is a stress injury symptom”—this July.


Liz Stokes (BSN '02)

Liz Stokes, BSN 2002At the National Nursing Ethics Virtual Conference last March, Liz Stokes (BSN ’02), of Washington, D.C., received the 2022 Ethics of Caring Nursing Ethics Leadership Award. Liz is director of the American Nurses Association Center for Ethics and Human Rights and has provided accessible ethics education throughout the pandemic to guide nurses and the public, including through several national print and television campaigns. After earning a law degree, Liz worked as a discipline consultant for the D.C. Board of Nursing, as an adjunct professor at Georgetown School of Nursing, and a scholar interested in artificial intelligence, medical aid in dying, limited resuscitation, and women’s reproductive health. Currently, she is a PhD student in the nursing ethics program at Duquesne University.


Debbie Poole (MSN ’83) (MSN '83)

Last December, Debbie Poole (MSN ’83), of Neptune Beach, FL, retired from the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Psychiatry in Jacksonville, FL, after a lengthy career as a psychiatric nurse in Virginia and Florida.


Mixed Class Years

Kimone Racquel Yolanda Reid (MSN, ’17, DNP ’18) and Gina DeGennaro (MSN ’00, DNP ’11) co-authored “Strategies for Successfully Completing a DNP Final Project,” which was published in the October 2021 issue of Nursing the Peer-Reviewed Journal of Clinical Excellence.

Kimone is a hospitalist nurse practitioner in Stuart, FL, and Gina is academic director of clinical partnerships, a professor at UVA School of Nursing, and a hematology/oncology acute inpatient care nurse at UVA Health.

In Memoriam

Louise Wickham Papayanis (DIPLO '42)

7 April 2020

Vivian B. Moore (DIPLO '43)

Lynchburg, VA
21 November 2021

Jean Loving Barnett (DIPLO '45)

Charlottesville, VA
7 February 2022

Martha J. Klousner (DIPLO '46)

Carmichael, CA
21 December 2021

Betty W. Shotton (DIPLO '47)

Lynchburg, VA
12 January 2022

Barbara MacDonald Thomas (DIPLO '47)

Laconia, NH
30 January 2022

Speed E. Larsen (DIPLO '49)

Charlottesville, VA
14 July 2021

Jacqueline Boothe Waldron (DIPLO '49)

Fredericksburg, VA
5 December 2021

Betty Jane C. Garst (DIPLO '50)

Roanoke, VA
5 November 2021

Frances R. Holmbraker (DIPLO '53)

Loudoun, VA
6 April 2021

Mable Pulley Knotts (DIPLO '53)

Blackstone, VA
18 January 2022

Mary H. Hughes (DIPLO '54)

Springfield, VA
8 September 2021

Rebecca E. Bailey (BSN '55)

Winston-Salem, NC
12 November 2021

Frederica Schauss Cornett (DIPLO '55)

Sun City, FL
4 October 2021

Delores E. Durbin O'Neil (DIPLO '55)

Yucaipa, CA
3 November 2016

Pauline H. Burn (BSN '56)

Palo Alto, CA
11 January 2022

Carolyn S. Thomason (DIPLO '56)

Snellville, GA
19 February 2022

Sandra Whitlock Hahn (DIPLO '57)

Sarasota, FL
27 February 2022

Marion C. Martin (LPN '57)

Charlottesville, VA
24 February 2022

Marion Baskerville Dukes (LPN '59)

Charlottesville, VA
25 December 2021

Sandra Cooley Darnell (BSN '59)

Clearwater, FL
20 October 2021

Elizabeth Gwinn Foster (DIPLO '59)

Hilton Head, SC
13 September 2021

Anne K. Stross (BSN '59)

Woodbridge, VA
5 February 2022

Mary K. Higgins (BSN '61)

Norfolk, VA
17 November 2021

Patricia B. Williamson (BSN '61)

Oak Ridge, NC
18 December 2020

Margaret B. Dyer-Weissman (BSN '64)

Colorado Springs, CO
12 September 2021

Anne H. W. Johnson (BSN '64)

Dade City, FL
1 March 2020

JoAnne Kirk Henry (BSN '68)

Palmyra, VA
18 January 2022

Velma M. Ottmar (BSN '69)

Summerville, SC
7 November 2021

Diane H. Randolph (BSN '69)

Vinton, VA
1 November 2021

L. Gayle Crane Kaplan (BSN '72)

Southold, NY
2 October 2021

Pamela G. Arthur (BSN '73)

Fayetteville, NC
20 February 2022

Karen E. Elvena (BSN '73)

Bradenton, FL
8 September 2021

Rita W. Wool (CERTI '74)

Virginia Beach, VA
14 November 2021

Dorothy Gess Jonas (BSN '75)

Bluefield, WV
9 September 2021

Mary E. Harrison, MD (BSN '76)

Richmond, VA
13 September 2021

Susan Ceaser Bates (BSN '79)

Richmond, VA
25 January 2022

Judith T. Rocchiccioli (MSN '84)

Ashland, VA
6 December 2021

Allison Rose McLeon-Ross (BSN '86)

1 January 2022

Lynn Campbell Hinckley (BSN '87)

Kennett Square, PA
1 January 2022

Betty A. Cox (MSN '99, CERTI '05)

Verona, VA
15 February 2022

Joann R. Martin (MSN '04)

Lynchburg, VA
7 October 2021

Noelle M. Kuhoric (BSN '23)

Seaford, DE
12 February 2022