In my home state of Connecticut,

one can order a special license plate that exclaims, “Celebrate Nursing!” featuring Florence Nightingale’s lamp, a rising heart, and the words “Nurses Care.” When you purchase one of these plates, you help support the mission of the Connecticut Nurses' Foundation to fund scholarships that assist in building the nursing workforce of the future. Of course, I’ve placed my order!

One of our themes for the Nursing Alumni Association this coming year will be similarly celebratory. Too often, we nurses are too busy caring for our patients, our families, and the communities we’re a part of to take a moment to reflect and celebrate what we do.

Too often, we nurses are too busy caring for others to take a moment to reflect and celebrate what we do ... [but] we know you are out there, and we look forward to celebrating you.

Christa Hartch, alumni association president

This year is also a chance for us to celebrate and reflect on the amazing legacy of our beloved dean, Dorrie Fontaine. Please be sure to look for your forthcoming invitation to regional events honoring her—we look forward to seeing you there.

Finally, we were excited to honor three outstanding faculty members and three extraordinary alumni over dinner before our annual fall meeting last month. As always, we welcome your input for nominees for future alumni award; we know you are out there and we want to celebrate you.

I look forward to celebrating with you in the year ahead!

Christa Hartch (BSN ‘97)
President, School of Nursing Alumni Association
Greenwich, Connecticut

P.S. We’d love for you to become involved with our Nursing Alumni Association. Would you consider joining one of our committees? Contact us: