Refresh. Reinvent. Revitalize.

Sandy Reed-Bryant, president of the SONAA, imageThese three words have held special meaning for me over the past year as I approached my personal and professional life. During the pandemic, I’ve focused on activities that bring strength and energy to my life—the very definition of refresh. Professionally, I reinvented myself, pivoting to become a consultant for the skilled nursing industry and working for myself. What an incredible time to make this change, and to draw strength and inspiration from fellow alumni who have persevered through what have been and continue to be challenging times.

Our School’s Alumni Association Council has also been refreshing, reinventing, and revitalizing their work, too, taking stock of how best to remain connected to UVA and one another by exploring new and meaningful ways to encourage alumni engagement. 

Through the summer, nearly a dozen nursing alumni staged “takeovers” of the School’s Instagram account, sharing their professional practices and highlighting the opportunities they’ve had as UVA nurses. Knowing that COVID has posed new financial stressors on many of us, the Council also overhauled the Tabitha Grier Fund to support alumni with ongoing medical needs. Through it all, our donors have remained generous and steadfast.

This fall, we’ll begin revisions to our bylaws to refresh and revitalize the structure and function of the School of Nursing’s Alumni Association to meet current and future needs. Your input will be invaluable as we proceed; please look for opportunities to offer feedback later this year.

I am energized and strengthened by the work we do, and grateful for the opportunity to serve as your leader. Please stay safe—and stay connected to us. Send your news and updates to


Sandy Reed-Bryant, president of the SONAA

Sandy Reed-Bryant (BSN ’78, MSN ’86)
Williamsburg, VA

A Social Call

THANK YOU to those alumni who took over the School’s Instagram page this summer, giving us an inside look at their work, career paths, UVA memories, and personal lives as part of our Tuesday Takeovers. Each answered questions, gave advice, and connected on- and off-line with current and prospective students about their varied nursing pathways. And they’ll do it again next summer, too!

Tuesday Takeovers continue on Instagram this fall and winter, thanks to a phalanx of BSN students who are manning the School’s social media mothership. To all our social gurus: we’re grateful for your time, energy, and wisdom!

Welcome New Alumni Council Member
Alicia McCarthy (BSN ’09)
Scholarships Coordinator
Pediatric Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner, Nemours/Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children
Wilmington, DE

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