American nurses have been globetrotters since the beginning

and their motivations for traveling overseas still resonate today: new horizons, opportunities for professional growth, disasters, wartime need, mission work, and research. Postcards in the Bjoring Center’s collections give us glimpses of the adventures and privations these nurses experienced—as well as their common longing to return home.

The Eleanor Crowder Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry was established at UVA in 1991 to support historical scholarship in nursing. Dedicated to the preservation and study of nursing history, the Bjoring Center collects historical materials, promotes nursing history scholarship, and disseminates historical research findings.

The center hosts a regular series of nursing history forums, sponsors an annual Agnes Dillon Randolph Award and lecture, awards annual research fellowships, and publishes a newsletter. Read our special 30th-anniversary publication, Object Lessons.

The center is open to researchers and visitors Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., or by appointment. Please contact the center to schedule an appointment.

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