A series of graphics to convey all the areas in which nurse scholars address symptom science, one of seven Areas of Excellence

Feature Story - The Science of Relief

Symptom Science scholars offer relief from pain, isolation, chronic illness, and disease progression through screening, exercise, and connectivity. Dive into the science of . . . solace.

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Professor and nurse scientist Cathy Campbell

Respect Lives Here

"I remember when I saw that banner go up on the building that things were changing," said prof. Cathy Campbell. "Our values were on display for all to see."

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Senior Assistant Dean Theresa Carroll's bookshelf

On My Bookshelf

What's Theresa "T.C." Carroll assigning? Reading for fun? And what's her favorite childhood book?

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Row of locked red school lockers

Preparing School Nurses to Battle Sex Trafficking

How much do school nurses know about how to identify sex trafficking among the kids in their charge? PhD candidate Simone Jaeckl investigates.

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Clouds with a single black rain cloud in the foreground

Big Life Things

Professor Lee Ann Johnson got the call in the middle of the night. What do clinicians say when a loved one is dying? And how is that different from what friends say?

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Tabitha Grier, UVA Hospital Superintendent from 1913-16

Historic Fund, Modern Purpose

The Tabitha Grier Fund was founded in 1944 to help nursing students who got sick with their medical bills. With COVID, the fund had received a valuable new update.

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Jessie Gibson examines a patient with Huntington's disease.

The Science of Relief... from Huntington's Anxiety

Patients with Huntington's disease often report that anxiety is their chief concern. Professor Jessie Gibson aims to brain-train HD patients into a better frame of mind.

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An exam table and delivery bay for pregnant women in Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

The Science of Relief... from Cervical Cancer

Professor Emma Mitchell's tailored approach to cervical cancer screening, follow-up, and treatment is a powerful retort to one-size-fits-all approaches [VIDEO}.

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A cancer survivor receives a virtual visit from UVA nurse Alan Cupp, part of an intervention created by professor Pam DeGuzman.

The Science of... Improving Autism Diagnoses and Cancer Symptom Management

Professor Pam DeGuzman examines systems and policies to augment the quality and connectivity of healthcare, from libraries as telemedicine sites to virtually connecting nurses with cancer survivors.

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Nurse scientist Meghan Mattos examines a bloodstain on a patient's sheet, part of the work she's doing to assess whether white, blue, or red lights can detect body fluids and under what conditions.

The Science of Relief... in Hospital Rooms

It's hard to get sleep in a hospital, but UVA School of Nursing scientist Meghan Mattos is teaming up with engineers and psychiatrists to find ways to improve patients' ability to get their 40 winks [VIDEO].

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UVA Nursing Assistant professor Lee Ann Johnson researches palliative care for patients with lung cancer.

The Science of Relief... from Lung Cancer

Lung cancer struck Professor Lee Ann Johnson's mother and grandfather, and she knows well the blunt instrument used to treat it and many patients' reticence to seek the aggressive palliative care they need.

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UVA Nursing Professor Jill Howie-Esquivel examines a heart failure patient

The Science of Relief... from Heart Failure

Professor Jill Howie-Esquivel's studies improved heart failure patients' flexibility, symptoms and sense of community.

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Class News and Notes

Four new FAANs. Two new deans. An Advanced Oncology NP of the Year (yay, Theresa Pluth Yeo!) and a Washington Nurses' Hall of Fame inductee (go, Donna Poole!).

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From the Dean

How do nurses change lives? Let us count the ways, writes Dean Pamela Cipriano.

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Our News, In Brief

New teaching awards. A new FAAN. A new nursing presidency. And five new School of Nursing faculty to welcome.

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From the Alumni Council President

Sandy Reed-Bryant has made a few changes to refresh, reinvent, and revitalize her own nursing practice. The Alumni Association is mixing things up, too.

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The NP Program at 50

A physician shortage. Not enough primary care. Overflowing ERs. When NP programs arrived at UVA in 1972, it was a concept whose time had clearly come.

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Happy Birthday, Beta Kappa

A look at UVA's venerable Sigma nursing honor society, now in its sixth decade of purple power BY THE NUMBERS.

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