Lead On

Lead On.

Meet seven alumni who invest, develop, care, enlighten, lead, and inspire those around them - and us.

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Evelyn Gardner, LPN, UVA School of Nursing

Nurse Negotiator

Evelyn Rodgers Gardner (LPN `61) had the organization, intellect, and people skills to establish from scratch UVA Hospital's new Department of Neurology's outpatient clinic in 1967. She also had, she laughed, "a lot of nerve."

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From the Nancy Milio collection

By, For, and Of the People

Nancy Milio established the Mom and Tots Center a year before riots engulfed Detroit. The community center was one of only a few buildings that didn't burn.

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An image of a Vietnamese jungle river, the illustration for prof. Terri Yost's essay about working to find POW/MIA soldiers' remains.

Lost Soldiers' Lessons

Prof. Terri Yost traveled to Vietnam to help retrieve American POWs' remains, and discovered the search united both Americans and Vietnamese.

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Maria McDonald, an FNP and PhD candidate studying transgenerational depression

Dark Passage

PhD candidate and FNP Maria McDonald's genetic investigations into the impact exogenous oxytocin might exert on mothers' and babies' mental health.

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Cooper's mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease a decade ago; Wendi is her caregiver. Here, she updates Williams on her mother's health and decisions she's currently wrestling with.

Animating Alzheimer's

A new film will help both caregivers and patients with Alzheimer's disease understand both the science ' and the humanity of it,' said Ishan Williams one of three scholars behind the effort.

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Joseph Byron Clanor CNL 21

Class News & Notes

New degrees. Awards. New jobs, books, and grants. News from alumni near and far.

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By The Numbers

Our NP programs turn 50 this year. A look into their past and present BY THE NUMBERS.

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Burnout in the Crosshairs

A new $2.14M HRSA grant will enable the spread of Prof. Richard Westphal's Wisdom, Wellbeing, and Peer Support training program to 10K across Virginia.

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School news, in brief.

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From the Alumni Association

Spring has sprung, writes Association President Sandy Reed-Bryant, and so have reunions, which are in-person for 2022.

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'Make their burdens a little lighter.'

Charlie Diederich's scholarship honors both his wife, the late Bonnie Ellen Chisolm and supports graduate nursing students like her.

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On My Bookshelf

Dean Pam Cipriano's reading selections, from the ANA's Code of Ethics ("our profession's true north," she says) to the Harry Potter series and The Borrowers.

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